Meet Lynette Rees!

Lynette Rees

To date, Lynette Rees has had several romance novels published. She lives in South Wales and has been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen. Just like Harry Potter, Lynette went to school in a castle and it was there, her English teacher often read her stories out to the class, allowing her to believe she could tell a good tale.

Her first book launch was for a local charity, and coincidentally, held at that same castle, just yards away from the school room where the teacher read out her stories! As a teenager she could often be found at night under a blanket with a torch, devouring the latest story in romance magazines, when she should have been fast asleep. These days she doesn’t need to hide her voracious reading habits and can happily read whenever she likes.

Lynette Rees also writes under the pen name Kayla Star.

You can visit her website and blog here:


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