Psyche, by Francesca Kinross


Something is awry in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Following the death of her father, Martha Valen is puzzled by the strange coded message she finds in an envelope addressed to her amongst his belongings. Things only get weirder for Martha as dreams and reality start to overlap.

As events take a sinister turn, Martha is determined to unravel the hidden meaning of her father’s message, and to get to the bottom of the terrifying events that are plaguing her and the people of Plymouth-at any cost. That is, until Sam Fisher, a local police officer, complicates things with his touching concern for Martha’s wellbeing. Martha has got plenty on her mind, and she’s not looking for love-but there’s something irresistible about Sam. He’s relaxed, friendly, uncomplicated, and he’d move heaven and Earth to protect Martha.

But a lot stands in their way before they can live happily ever after, and Martha may just have disturbed something that would have been better left alone-something even Sam can’t protect her from.

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