Reunion, by Rebecca Massey McTavish

Isabella Máres, the daughter of an immigrant horse trainer from Mexico, and Hunter Lamar, the heir to the vast Circle K ranch in Texas, grow up together, and as teenagers discover the intense passion of young love. But lies and divisive families tear them apart. Their paths cross again fifteen years later and they forge a fragile new bond. However, Isabella, now a pediatrician who practices in Washington, D.C., and holds pediatric clinics in Peru, carries a secret that could destroy this new beginning. Yet, if she doesn’t share it with Hunter, a Marine veteran who has snubbed the family fortune to promote opportunities for small businesses in developing South American nations, she would betray the only man she has ever loved.

When Hunter learns he is the father of the child Isabella gave up for adoption fourteen years ago, he’s both devastated and angry that she kept this from him, as well as determined to reclaim the boy in spite of Isabella’s protests.

In an earthquake ravaged Peruvian village where they have both gone to offer aid, Hunter and Isabella begin to realize if love for one another is to survive and blossom, no matter how heart wrenching, they must let go of the past.