Beginning in Shadow, by Brenda Nichols

The Fae call her realm strider. Her friends call her Ginny.

She calls herself a cop with unusual talents.

Veteran paranormal detective Virginia Malone works the mean side of human crime to pay the rent, but when things get weird, she uses a different badge and set of skills. She knows the faces of monsters, but nothing prepares her for the deadly role she’s to play in an ancient ritual or the unexpected connection to a man she’s seen only in dreams and the realm of shadows.

And he has secrets to keep.

Nocturne walks the shadow realm waiting for the woman from his visions. Dreamweaver, illusion maker, he travels alone until an ancient threat forces him into the light and into her life. He would sacrifice everything: his honor, his freedom, his soul to protect her from a power-hungry Sidhe and an evil from his past.

Everything comes at a cost . . .

And love may be the most costly of all.