Sara’s Last Resort, by Kendra Vasquez


Sara McDaniels, mechanic extraordinaire, fled Denver, Colorado to escape the cheats and liars in the auto repair business. Running out of options to fix her truck and running into a mountain town’s only mechanic forces her to strike a deal with Jason Cole who could easily be another cheat and liar. As her attraction to him increases, she struggles to hold onto her sensibilities and learn the truth about him, but how can she without revealing her hopes and heart in the process?

Jason Cole must salvage his shop from the greasy, black hole of fraud which his ex-employee made. Hearing of Sara’s arrival in town and her background in automotive, he is compelled to seek her out and learn whether her expertise can get his shop back on track. Trading secrets never proved such a delicate maneuver because, as Jason gets closer to her, his needs begin to shift and he decides to wait before telling Sara everything. If he breaks her burgeoning trust, it may be the one thing he can’t re-build.

Emotions and physical tension grow between them as they each uphold their end of the bargain. Jason’s past could make Sara run again, but as a last resort, she must see this through to the end. Can the two of them repair Jason’s business without sacrificing a bond greater than their careers and their hearts?