Mortal Magick, by Patty Taylor


Doomed for eternity to wander nights as half man and half creature, rugged Highlander Duncan McCord discovers his curse is the least of his problems when he sets out for a cure and rescues the beauty determined to help tame his beast.

When a reluctant witch, Keara, gets whisked back to the 18th century mystical Isle of Skye to learn lessons in magic, she faces the true test of love when she meets the man beyond her wildest dreams burdened with dark secrets from his past.

Forced together to journey through a country filled with magical lore, will they survive in a world where evil reigns, or be destined to walk alone in separate time portals forever?

1 Response to Mortal Magick, by Patty Taylor

  1. Kathy Beck says:

    Congratulations Patty! I can’t wait to read Mortal Magick from beginning to end.

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