The Diamond Road, by Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter

Devoted to her family and God, American trucker, Connie Williams, decides to run the ice roads to earn money to pay her beloved father’s mounting bills as he fights kidney failure. Losing him will destroy her. Subconsciously, she feels inadequate because she never went to college like her siblings and still lives life like a teenager.

Canadian professor, rancher, and ice-road trucker, Jake Baxter, runs the ice roads for money to keep his ranch out of his greedy siblings’ hands. He clings to the ranch because it’s the only thing keeping his parents alive in his heart. Their deaths are too fresh in his mind, too overwhelming. He blames God for his parents’ death and hates seeing any living creature die.

During Yellowknife, Canada’s short ice road season, they will face two truckers fixated on murderous revenge. Connie and Jake and their friends have three short months to solve the mystery of who their attackers are and stop them, or die.


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