Three Reluctant Promises, by Kierstin Marquet

Whoever heard of a kidnapper with a sense of honor?

Illegal immigrant Tommy Ramirez made ‘three reluctant promises’ to a dying woman. Kidnapping a cop’s daughter is the only way he can keep them. College student, Ashten Mason, is a stranger to trouble until a gorgeous guy with a gun jumps into her car and demands help.

Soon embroiled in one dangerous situation after another, they are forced to rely on one another—an idea that Ashten believes is an oxymoron, and one that drives Tommy crazy.

“Kierstin Marquet’s novel, Three Reluctant Promises, moves so fast it should come with seat belts. Yet, woven into each intense thrill is a wonderful story of trust and friendship that stays with the reader long after they finish. This is a great story!

Gregg Luke, five-time Whitney Award finalist


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