Young Blood, by Rikki Sharp

Young Blood

In a world not too dissimilar to our own, five Supernatural ladies of beauty, breeding and balls once loved the same man – but then he died under mystical circumstances, leaving them all grieving.

Now, the Shapeshifter, the Elfin, the Vampyre, the Mage and the Earth-Angel, connected by this visceral love, have forged a bond – a fantastical friendship unparalleled in the Waking World. Together they are known as,The Ladies’ Paranormal and Adventure Club

When the grandchildren of ancient gods, the Young Bloods begin to scour the city of London for something… someone, they meet unexpected opposition. Our five heroines are on the prowl and they mean to avenge their broken hearts!

Which one of the girls is destined to fall under the spell of Ikarus, the handsome Young Blood leader with the power of flight? Plus, as they all face Magik and mayhem, is the tricky Mage they all once loved really dead?


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