Meet Suzanne M. Sabol!

Suzanne M. Sabol began writing at a young age, completing her first full length novel at the age of 17.  Her love of everything paranormal and romance began shortly thereafter.  She is an avid reader and writer, focusing mostly in the urban fantasy genre.    She loves reading anything from contemporary single title romance to detective noir and the classics.
Suzanne published her first novel Cursed in 2009.  She is a graduate of The Ohio state University with majors in Criminology, International Studies, Russian and Political Science.  She is currently working full time as a Human Resources Professional and Fiscal Officer.
Suzanne was born and raised in Ohio.  She currently resides in Columbus Ohio with her husband Ross.  When she’s not working, writing or reading, she’s spending time traveling.  She is a member of Romance Writers of America and Central Ohio Fiction Writers.

@Suzannemsabol (twitter)

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