Meet Richard Malloy!


A late-bloomer in the world of writing, author Richard Malloy never dotted a fictional ‘i’ before the age of fifty. As a youngster, he bounced around southern Indiana like a chaotic Ping-pong ball, always landing on the poor side of the tracks everywhere from the now ghost hamlet of Ewing to the Indiana Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Children’s Home near Knightstown and many spots in between. At 17, he struck out on his own and enlisted in the U.S. Army.

Following his military service, he worked in construction, eventually becoming a factory supervisor while raising his family. Reaching middle age, his lifelong dream of trying to learn the art of writing finally came to light.

Learning that the future of the company he worked for was in question after all his struggles to keep it afloat, he stared out the office window into the gloomy, rainy weather and muttered, ‘Sometimes on a rainy day, I’d just like to chuck it all’ . . . and that was the start of his first poem, Rainy Day.

After the publication of his poem, The Spiraling, Richard began writing his first novel, October Daffodil, and he plans to write many more stories.