Catching the Baron, by Jenn Langston


Kenneth Rawson, Baron Berwick, needs to marry an heiress, but when he discovers his new stable boy, Sam, is actually a woman, he finds himself intrigued. Knowing his choice of a bride must be based on more than blinding passion, he makes his stance on not marrying her very clear.

Samantha Jenkins disguised herself as a boy after the tragic loss of her parents in order to escape a landlord who claimed she owed a debt. After spending time with Baron Berwick, she finds herself falling in love. However, a telling conversation with him makes her realize he only meant to use her until he weds. When fate steps in and Samantha’s grandmother comes to collect her, she finds out her mother was the daughter of an earl. With that knowledge comes a substantial dowry. Can she set aside her pain to give Kenneth another chance?

Will Kenneth realize he is lost without her and set aside his pride to beg for forgiveness?

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