On A Gamble, by Rose Lange


She’s at the end of her rope…

Charlie Anderson needs a farm hand. The moment the sexy, mysterious stranger sets foot on her grandparent’s land, inquiring about a job opening, he rattles her senses, her cage, and her equilibrium, the likes of which she’s never experienced before. She never anticipated her scandalous thoughts getting in the way. She’s terrified, but desire trumps fear, and she gives in to a sinful temptation. 

 He has a hidden agenda…

Alex McCray has a plan. A plan having nothing to do with romance. His discovery, that “Charlie” is a voluptuous, beautiful woman, leaves him shaken, and he needs to proceed with extreme caution. Working next to her, everyday, stirs up a raw hunger he desperately tries to ignore. And should with feelings of guilt over an ulterior motive. Alex should resist her intoxicating sensuality, but he can’t, because he cannot get enough of her.