Meet Dee Carey!

Dee Carey

Dee is an author with a twist on reader’s expectation. Nothing happens that one could imagine. Animals become human and serve mankind in strange and weirdly logical fashion.

Dee has been writing since she was a child. Even to the point of penning a missive to her first grade teacher telling her, she need not teach today as Dee knew all the answers and was willing to give the woman the day off. At this point she could not even form sentences and letters were a bit of a mystery as well. Never one to let failure stop her she continued and planned to attend college and study journalism. She wasn’t accepted at the college of her choice, so attended a local college and studied art. She drew the covers of two of her books.

After school she married a wonderful man, (think Brad Pitt) who was both handsome and smart. She raised two daughters and pretty much did as was expected of a wife and mother in the 70’s.

Well, though her dream was delayed a bit, she didn’t give up. She has written 9 books and published 6 . All her published books have a fox theme. Either the heroine or the hero is a fox, with the ability to become human under varying circumstances. All books contain a moral and are written to emphasize the value of good triumphing over evil.
A lifelong resident of Upstate New York, Dee enjoys the seasonal changes even though many of her contemporizes long for the sunny south. She is now retired from her local school district Gates-Chili. After spending 22+ years placing substitute teachers, she now claims retirement is the best job she ever had, though she misses the many wonderful folks she worked with.

A fan of all things medieval her favorite stories are those of King Arthur and his minions. Dee frequently plucks characters from the population of Camelot to join her foxes. The characters she employs span vast segments of time. Merlin is of an indeterminate age and often interacts with characters that never populated the accepted King Arthur stories.


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