Sparked (The Metal Bones Series), by Sheena Snow


Vienna Avery’s world is not her own. Robots have become a part of it, robots with metal for bones, electric cords for veins, elastic for muscles, and synthetics for skin. They cook and clean and drive and almost everything else. They’re glorified slaves, property that can’t think, feel, love or hate—property, as the government proclaims, that blindly follows orders.

Vienna doesn’t believe much of what the government says about them or what they say about things in general. The pieces don’t always fit. And Vienna knows why—because she’s discovered their secret and in doing so is sucked into the underground world of feeling and thinking robots. Can Vienna escape the government’s prying, watching eyes? Can Vienna learn to trust robots? And can Vienna battle the growing feelings building inside her… feelings for a robot she once thought was human?

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