Seven Hot Nights in Greece, by Rose Lange

Emma saw him once, and that was it. 

Patrick was the boy next door, and it didn’t take long for her to fall in love with him. Even if it didn’t make sense, she loved him, and giving him her body, heart, and soul was never a second thought. She loved him despite the pain and heartache he’d caused after their week-long fling in college. 

Patrick never expected to fall in love with her. 

Her sweet, wholesome beauty had captured him one night at a college party, and that was it. She’d been the neighborhood girl who’d help him shovel snow and watch him from her bedroom window. He’d screwed up after the trip, giving her the cold shoulder, even if his heart told him otherwise. He knew after those nights in Greece, things would never be the same for him again. 

Then, six years later, a chance meeting on an elevator changed everything.