Meet Carrie King!

Carrie spent her childhood reading the books of Mercedes Lackey, David Eddings, Mary Stewart and of course, Tolkien. She discovered a trove of Harlequin romances during a summer in a rental cottage when she was 13 and never looked back. Romance and enchanted adventures have been intertwined for her ever since.

Carrie loves writing about strong, passionate, magical women who fight for those they adore just as hard as they fight for what’s right. Her characters always have a snappy comeback ready to go for villain and hero alike.

She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two girls in a magical forest that has pizza delivery and perfect dirty martinis. She has an extensive boot collection that she’s continuously reclaiming from her daughter. When she’s not reading or writing fiction, Carrie writes marketing content and white papers for tech companies, harnessing the power and draw of a good story. You can find her online at:


Twitter: @PNWCarrieKing

FB: Carrie King