Sea Lust, by Joy Smith


When a famed racing yacht turns up empty in the Strait of Florida, the owner’s son, Joe, must retrieve the yacht from the overcrowded marina in Miami, where it’s been temporarily docked. As sailing the prize boat home to Mystic, Connecticut would involve traversing one of the most dangerous areas of the Atlantic Ocean, he lacks the confidence and skill to manage the trip and must find a captain and crew.

Fishing boat captain Marty Chase’s career sank like the Titanic when she was made the scapegoat for a boating accident in Mystic. Determined to restore her tarnished reputation, she accepts Joe’s offer to captain home to Mystic, despite her inexperience with sailing in deep ocean waters.

She and Joe, who opts to make the challenging trip to honor his father, set sail just ahead of a hurricane brewing in the Caribbean. They have no idea the real danger will come from a Colombian drug-running cartel that has secreted a tracking device on the yacht, .

When their yacht is hijacked, Marty and Joe are thrown overboard, saved only by a life raft. As the fisherman’s daughter and the privileged son fight to survive, they find strength in each other.