Race For My Heart, by Tamera Stone


Josselyn Parker had big dreams. She left her small town with a man to go to the city. After he cheated on her, she’s back, trying to pick up the pieces of her life. She takes a job cleaning cabins, vowing to not be taken in by another tourist.

Racecar driver Micah Tanner, devastated because he caused a crash that left his best friend paralyzed, walks away from racing. Micah is looking for peace and quiet in the lakeside town.
When Joss takes another part-time job writing an advice column for the local paper, she receives a letter from a mother of a sick little boy who loves racing and racecars. When Joss asks Micah to give the boy a ride and he refuses, she asks his friends to bring their racecar to the county fair.

Can Joss and Micah help each other heal their broken hearts and find happiness?