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Earth friendly gifts

It’s late November and everyone is frazzled and freaked by how close it is to Christmas. A month from now and before you know it you will be getting presents from the service station! I’ve tried to gift some earth … Continue reading

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NaNoWriMo for Authors

For a first time writer, Nano is a time of discovery, trepidation, and proving to themselves and the world that they are – or are not – a writer. For writers write, that’s what it’s all about. But what about … Continue reading

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Do You Have an Empty Well Emergency Kit?

By Jeanine Englert If you are like me, there are times when you simply cannot write. It doesn’t matter if you have your favorite fuzzy socks on, with your favorite coffee in your favorite mug in hand, and have the … Continue reading

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Write what you know

I generally dislike the advice ‘write what you know’ since it conjures up images of creative writing classes writing about having coffee and writing or similar boring literary scenes. Where is the space for flights of fancy, of flying rainbow … Continue reading

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Count Your Lucky Clovers

By Jeanine Englert Last month, I was honored to be the featured speaker at my local romance writing chapter. The event was a full circle moment for me as it had been nine years ago that I’d come through their … Continue reading

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Embrace the Imperfect, it is okay…

Our ‘Bug’ tree, complete with ornament eyes. Yup, this came from a spot where it didn’t belong, too close to our driveway. Have I chosen perfectly shaped trees in the past? Of course. But this one worked and I didn’t … Continue reading

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A New State of Mind

With recent upheavals to our daily existence, we have all been forced to come to terms with new ways of identifying “normal.” What is normal? Is the way the world is now going to be the way it stays? Will … Continue reading

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Refilling the Well

My family escaped from it all this weekend to go camping at a remote Oregon wilderness area called Gordon Lakes. It was really lovely to take a breath and reset. We’ve been pretty housebound here, doing our part to stay … Continue reading

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Beauty During a Pandemic, by Gail Ingis

The COVID pandemic, while challenging and exhausting in so many ways has had one positive effect on me and, I suspect on you too. It has helped me “embrace” my gray hair – the color represents those years of trial … Continue reading

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Navigating Different Creative Seasons

The weather is finally changing! (Was fall late wherever you live as well?) Watching the leaves slowly molt from green to brown makes me think about the different creative seasons in our lives. I know I tend to blog a … Continue reading

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