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Book Signings Are Fun by Beth Carter

Over the years, I’ve had at least thirty book signings. I admit I’ve slowed down because it’s much easier to promote my work via social media while at home in my yoga pants (or let’s face it, pj’s.) Sometimes as … Continue reading

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My Twelfth Book

So, I just received the ARC for my twelfth book with Soul Mate. There is nothing to compare to the release of a new book, and release is the right word for so many reasons including the release of worry … Continue reading

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The Soulies Take Manhattan

Well, I just flew back home from the RWA National Convention in New York City, and boy are my arms tired. Wakka, wakka, wakka… But seriously, it was a truly wonderful time and also good for my writing career. I … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Overwriting

“Hi, I’m Beth Carter and I’m an overwriter.” Never heard of that term? Me neither. I thought I made it up a few months ago, but lo and behold, one of the cover articles in the September 2019 issue of … Continue reading

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I’m Going to a Readers/Authors Conference! Preparing for October!

I love New Hampshire in the Fall. Not only is the foliage/scenery stunning but this cozy conference is fun, fun, fun. As it’s limited to how many can attend, you get to meet and talk with more people. The events … Continue reading

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New Hat: Published Author! by Janina Grey

I’ve always joked that I have multiple personalities in reference to the numerous different hats I wear at any given moment. In reality, these hats complete me. And now I have one more to add to my wardrobe. First, there … Continue reading

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BABIES AT COCONUTS (Book 3) – Cover, Blurb Reveal & Pantsing Through A Series

I can’t believe the third book of my Coconuts series will release in mid-May. These women have taken me for quite a ride, and fingers crossed, Book 4 will release in December. I expected to get one, maybe two, books … Continue reading

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