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Agent vs. Press: Why Choosing a Press Isn’t Bad

I know, getting an agent is the dream. I know of people who only query agents period. I’m still querying agents even after successfully publishing ten books and counting. An agent opens doors. But agents aren’t always the best path … Continue reading

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Are You Still Listening?

In my last blog to you, I spoke of listening and how to listen, to make an effort to listen to others. How did you do? Have you already forgotten? Sometimes, I have to admit I do interrupt, but it … Continue reading

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My Particular Lack of Promotion

Why do I punish myself . . . I’m a masochist. Masochism is an eponym — a word named after a person. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch was an Austrian writer in the nineteenth century who described the gratification he got from … Continue reading

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Help, My Editor Wants to Kill Me! by Char Chaffin

Okay, maybe nothing so drastic as that. Though having been on both sides of the writing bed, I can relate—and yet offer little sympathy either to myself in writer mode, or when I don my editor’s hat and deal with … Continue reading

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The Joy of Editing

Like most starry-eyed writers, I fell victim to the angst and stress associated with the editing process. The mere thought of another human being reading the body of work I slaved over, for the sole purpose of critiquing, was enough … Continue reading

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Victoria’s Vignettes, and her introduction

Victoria’s Vignettes I’m so excited Soul Mate Publishing asked me to join the blog team and post. So I’ll start with an introduction and wave my hand around to say ‘Hi, I’m Victoria Pinder and yes this is my real … Continue reading

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“The Call” (a.k.a. “The Email”)

A couple of weeks ago an email thread began working its way around the RWA Contemporary Romance Chapter loop (of which I am a member), and I thought it would be fun to share our stories here. It was about … Continue reading

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