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Switching Genres . . . Ahhh!!!

My writing has been undergoing a transition this past year, and I must admit, I’ve been struggling with my present work in progress. I’ve outlined it, I’ve written character profiles. I’ve done tons of research on the topics within. I’ve … Continue reading

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Part of Something Bigger

I recently had the absolute pleasure of attending InD’Tale Magazine’s annual author-reader conference, InD’Scribe Con and Book Festival. This was the third year for the conference, my first. It’s held in Burbank, and I’d never been to California, so that … Continue reading

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Finding Your Writing Inspiration

Finding your writing inspiration may be just around the corner . . . Continue reading

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A New Plot on your Doorstep

We travel perhaps to see different things, hear strange voices and test our courage on odd foods with tentacles. But what if we can’t travel far? Will just going somewhere different do? Live in the burbs? Catch a train to … Continue reading

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Book Signings: Inspiration Transfusion

The era of eBooks has caused the tradition of book signings to slip a bit in significance. But once your book comes out in print, there’s nothing like packing up a bunch in a rolling suitcase and taking them out … Continue reading

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I Have Not Forgotten How to Write

The last year and a half has been a challenging one. I’ve been busy with medical relief mission work, as well as with academic and research writing. With three major presentations coming up in Fall 2018, and being on call … Continue reading

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Making My Debut

A significant milestone in my writing career happens very soon (in exactly eight days, but whose counting?!) On June 20th my debut novel is available to the reading public. I am thrilled!! (and a little terrified, but mostly thrilled) Taxing … Continue reading

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