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Compassionate Care in Lviv, Ukraine

The news is filled with photos and stories of the devastation in Ukraine and the resilience of the Ukrainian people. This post shines a spotlight on the humanity. The man pictured, Eugeniy, is the nephew of a friend. His aunt, … Continue reading

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Work habits – how has it been?

When we first started working from home, I had very definite uses for the two plus hours I saved every day by not having to commute. (Living in Los Angeles will do that!)  For about the first eight months, I … Continue reading

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Procrastination or Process?

By Jeanine Englert I don’t know if you are like me, but on occasion, especially with my writing, I find that I get sucked into a black void of procrastination with my current manuscripts. I fall into a cycle of … Continue reading

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Sunday was Mother’s Day. I always think about my mother on Mother’s Day, but this year is especially poignant. Since my mother’s death, my husband and I have rented her house. We have made changes and/or renovated after each tenant … Continue reading

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Heroine Fix – You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry

Originally, I’d planned to write a post about Wanda Maximof today (the Scarlet Witch), since she is going to be a major character in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and because I think she’s pretty cool as well … Continue reading

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Beltane Bonfires Are Burning! By Guest Blogger Janina Grey

The fires will be burning this weekend and next as people throughout the northern hemisphere celebrate the reawakening of the Earth with the fertility festival of Beltane. May Day, dancing around a May Pole, jumping the fire,  burning bonfires through … Continue reading

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I was literally dancing a jig when I saw my first of the summer hummingbird. He (or she I can’t tell) flew to my feeder, drank for a few seconds and flew off. I had just hung the feeder. I … Continue reading

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Ursa’s Joy

Maggie, the Shepherd, arrived at our home in June of 2020. Ursa, the abandoned Cattle Dog, would’ve been coyote bait at the time. The rescue’s owner needed to leave a leash on her for a month in order to catch … Continue reading

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Tiara Tea by Susan Hanniford Crowley

Tiaras! Do you have one? Do you wear it?  I’m wearing one. Here’s me in the tiara I wore at a Tiara Tea with some of my gal pals. There are lots of myths about who can and when to … Continue reading

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These are a few of my favorite tropes…

Like many readers and writers I love a good trope. Here are three of my favorites–and which books I use them in! Fake Dating: I am a total sucker for fake dating! I love the angst characters go through as … Continue reading

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