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Characters that Won’t Let Me Sleep

Characters That Won’t let Me Sleep   I’ll be editing the sequel to From Ice Wagon to Clubhouse: The Life of Jude Mooney soon. I didn’t plan to write a sequel. My previous historical novel, Love at War, had been an amazing … Continue reading

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What’s Old is New

This morning on my Facebook feed I found something amazing. No worries, it’s not a political post, but it is about something we can all agree on. SHOES! Toms shoes, those cute tennis shoes that Pinterest Experts love to pain … Continue reading

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Regard for Realistic Fiction

There are numerous genres and sub-genres available to avid readers today. In a nutshell, there is something for everyone. Despite the plethora of publications, there has always been an interest in realistic fiction. While one may want to escape the … Continue reading

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A Career Changing Craft Book

I have read at ton – and I mean A TON – of writing craft books. I spent 3 years of my life and over fifty thousand dollars earning an MFA in creative writing. I have (in total) an entire … Continue reading

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Have I got a red for you . . .

Roses are red . . . We’ve all heard that little ditty numerous times. But have you ever wondered what makes red such a powerful color? Why does red make a bold fashion statement? Why does it look great as … Continue reading

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Travel and writing

There are a lucky few who make a living hopping on planes to exotic locales and sending off a well-paid article while they knock back a cocktail by the pool. Well, I hope there are, it’s a lovely dream to … Continue reading

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The Foundling (A Pug’s Tale)

    August fifteenth, the day started like many others for the little dog, searching for food, traveling, flinching at every loud sound. Lala didn’t understand this world she’d been thrown into, but the giant whirling monsters made her tremble. … Continue reading

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