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Time vs. Timing in 2020

By Jeanine Englert Time has definitely seemed a bit nebulous throughout 2020 as we meander through lockdowns, quarantines, and working from home. But, timing, is an altogether different beast I think, and you never realize the importance of it until … Continue reading

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Developing Courage in Yourself and Others

I recently attended a Zoom workshop featuring a video of Brene Brown (a research professor and NYT bestselling author) speaking to educators on the power and affects of courage, vulnerability, and shame. Her wisdom opened my eyes as to how … Continue reading

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Longing for Uninteresting Times

“May you live in interesting times” is supposedly a Chinese curse. Yet no one has ever been able to trace it to anything even comparable in the Chinese language. Instead, the closest anyone has come to finding its source is … Continue reading

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A New Genre, Plague, & Abstinence

Crazy few months we’ve been experiencing, huh? I know for many–even if they were lucky enough not to have been touched by the virus–it’s brought about life-changing realizations. For me, it’s been about learning to deal with a new reality … Continue reading

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Sing, Dance, and Laugh!

I’ve watched some outstanding and hilarious videos, and I thought I’d share three of my favorites. I hope they brighten your day! Michael McIntyre is a comedian and has made clips of his routines. This one of him at a … Continue reading

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How Does Your Garden Grow? by Rebecca Heflin

My husband and I lead sometimes frenetic lives. I have a full-time day job, we run the non-profit we founded, we’re very involved in our community, he volunteers at our local academic medical center, and, oh yeah, I write romance … Continue reading

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Organizing tips

Organizing all the things can be hard and it’s pretty easy to drop the ball if you have too many must-do’s on your list. For authors, life can be a mess of deadlines, ideas scribbled on bits of coffee stained … Continue reading

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Six Tips for Revising Your Writing from C.D. Hersh

      This spring my husband (and writing partner) and I took advantage of a beautiful and unusually warm May day and cleaned two years worth of bird droppings and green mold from the railings and edges of our … Continue reading

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ESCAPE FROM BAD ROMANCE (Part 2) First of all, I need to apologize! On April 29, in Part 1 of this blog, I had mentioned that Part 2 would appear May 27. It didn’t, and that’s why I’m apologizing. I … Continue reading

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In the market for hope

I had a new book come out this month which is always a fun event as an author, though this is not the easiest time for a celebration. I’m a firm believer in the power of story and that my … Continue reading

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