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My Twelfth Book

So, I just received the ARC for my twelfth book with Soul Mate. There is nothing to compare to the release of a new book, and release is the right word for so many reasons including the release of worry … Continue reading

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Research. My Salvation.

As most of you know, my day job (until recently) was in the area of scientific research. Naturally, I am a stickler for accuracy in research when writing my novels. Never have I cherished the ability to research more than … Continue reading

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It Is What It Is…

This Stress stuff is apparently my jam. So we’re going to roll with it! I missed my last scheduled blog. I don’t know why. I think I didn’t set a reminder and just forgot! But, the last time I did … Continue reading

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A Writing Moment with Michelle Libby

Even when you’re on vacation, commit to writing. Join Michelle to discover how.
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Square dancing . . . do you know how to square dance? The name comes from what my son says is four couples arranged in a square. I learned how to do this kind of dancing when in high school. … Continue reading

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Gratitude Can Get You Anywhere

by Jeanine Englert I used to think all of those blogs on gratitude and having gratitude journals was well, sort of mumbo jumbo. I hadn’t really bought into until a few years ago. I guess the wheels have to fall … Continue reading

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Modest Proposals?

Like a lot of people, I’ve spent an approximate total of thirteen months of my life daydreaming about that perfect marriage proposal. Sometimes the fantasy involves firelight and chocolate, while other scenarios feature a stage, hot spotlights, and the din of five … Continue reading

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