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Yorkies, by DeAnn Smallwood

Hello! Bear with me, this is my first effort at blogging. So far I’m loving it thanks to Char Chaffin and Diane w/a Rebecca Heflin. And of course an eternal thanks to Debby and SoulMate Publishing. I have been writing … Continue reading

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Life Change Sometimes Means Goodbye

Back in August of last year I posted a blog about contemplating retirement. Bottom line … I wasn’t ready. How quickly things can change. This will be my last blog column as part of the Soul Mate Publishing blog/writing team. No … Continue reading

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From Grammar Revolution to Writer’s Evolution 2, by Gail Ingis

Hi, folks! Gail Ingis, here. Now that my book, Indigo Sky, was finally published by Soul Mate Publishing and can be ordered in three formats, an ebook, print book and audible, I’m seeking grammar lessons to continue writing romance. I never … Continue reading

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Life is Like a Box of Chocolates-by Catherine Castle

Forrest Gump said it so succinctly, “Life is like a box of chocolates … you never know what you going to get.” You never do know what you’re going to get … unless the box lid has a diagram that … Continue reading

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The Write Word with Wareeze

Looking back into the past of writing and forward into the present Hello Friends, 2020 is here! For all of you readers new to the Soul Mate Publishing blog, allow me to introduce myself. I write historical romance with a … Continue reading

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A Decidedly Fishy Tale

Since it’s the holidays and everyone is in a fruitcake coma, I thought I’d share a fun little story I wrote.   “What fish does an old maid long for?” I groaned. My uncle, Mortimer Fish, had a serious penchant … Continue reading

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Losing and Finding Love

Losing and Finding Love:   I wasn’t sure where I’d begin or what I’d say on this blog today.  As some of you know, I am a teacher by day, and this semester was especially brutal. I fell behind in … Continue reading

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