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How Low Are Your Energy Pennies?

By Jeanine Englert One of the greatest author finds of 2021 for me has been discovering Becca Syme (www.betterfasteracademy.com), her books, and Quitcast podcasts. The second greatest find for me has been http://www.wishidknownforwriters.com and their podcasts. And my biggest takeaway … Continue reading

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Not So Perfect

It is interesting to give some thought to the physical aspects of a character. We have become accustomed to heroes and heroines looking perfect, with bulging muscles and flawless skin. So many movies demand of their actor’s perfection in face … Continue reading

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The Real Work

Writing is easy. Well, maybe not always. I currently have two books in the editorial process at two different publishers and sequels to each of them in process. If I hit a snag in one, I can switch to the … Continue reading

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Just When You Think The Book is Done…

The euphoria of finishing a novel, which for me is generally a yearlong process, fades quickly when the editing starts. I thought I’d overcome the perils of being a panster (rather than a plotter) by working with a developmental editor. … Continue reading

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Booklover Science

On January 6 after watching events with horror and being fixated on television and social media for five hours, it was difficult to settle down. I turned to what I knew best to settle my nerves, a good book. Last … Continue reading

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Preparing for Christmas is like writing a book by C.D. Hersh

We think writing and Christmas have a lot in common. Preparing for Christmas is like writing a book—not that anyone gets much writing done in the weeks before the holiday. The concept, however, is the same; start early and stay … Continue reading

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Writing Medical Romance

I write medical romance. A tip for others who want to write about doctors: they cannot/would not date their patients – unless they want to lose their licence to practice medicine. I know that readers are sometimes asked to suspend … Continue reading

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The Code of the West Hawaiian Style

I never thought I would admit this, nor did I think I would parade it on the World Wide Web for all to see, but I’ve decided to write a cowboy romance series. I don’t know that much about cowboys … Continue reading

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The sweetest words

While “I love you” is wonderful, as a writer “The End” holds a special power. Last week I officially finished the first complete draft of Crowning Courtship, the 4th and final book in the Hands of Destin series. It is … Continue reading

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What’s Your Core Story?

By Jeanine Englert I still remember when a person first asked me this years ago: “What’s your core story?” What? I remember blinking back at them full of the wild panic of knowing I had no idea what they meant … Continue reading

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