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Beltane Bonfires Are Burning! By Guest Blogger Janina Grey

The fires will be burning this weekend and next as people throughout the northern hemisphere celebrate the reawakening of the Earth with the fertility festival of Beltane. May Day, dancing around a May Pole, jumping the fire,  burning bonfires through … Continue reading

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Unexpected Hero

Two or three books ago I introduced a secondary character. He wasn’t the hero. He was the competent, mild mannered younger brother who followed up on the heroism of others to clean up the mess left behind in the wake … Continue reading

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Cooking Disasters

Not everyone has a knack for cooking, and even those that do usually have a blind spot. My sponges are never described as feathery light for instance, although my scones are much praised. However, cooking disasters often make for good … Continue reading

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Writing From The Heart! by Char Chaffin and Cheryl Yeko

CiCi Cordelia is the pen name for the writing team of BFFs Char Chaffin and Cheryl Yeko. Published authors and Senior Acquiring Editors for Soul Mate Publishing, we share a love for well-written stories infused with our favorite romantic genres: … Continue reading

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Are You Still Listening?

In my last blog to you, I spoke of listening and how to listen, to make an effort to listen to others. How did you do? Have you already forgotten? Sometimes, I have to admit I do interrupt, but it … Continue reading

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My son the turtle

Today is World Turtle Day so we should shellabrate!  Seriously, it is World Turtle Day and turtles hold a very special place in my heart for two reason. The first being my grandmother. She wasn’t a great fan of turtles, per … Continue reading

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The Impossibility of Doing It All

Lately, I wake with a series of panic attacks. Continue reading

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The City of Light and Love

In celebration of my soon-to-be-released novel, A Time for Love in Paris (May 11th), I thought I’d write a blog about the city that inspired the setting of the book. The city of Paris is also referred to as ‘The … Continue reading

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Editng, Edioting, Editing, by Char Chaffin

Hi Everyone! I’m on the road with Mr. Don (the most romantic man in the world), traveling to our winter home in South Texas. And as usual I’m not only dealing with spotty internet but also the Mother of all … Continue reading

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Suzanne’s in the House! Please Welcome Suzanne Pearson to the Blogathon!

Today I’ve got Suzanne Pearson at the Blogathon! Suzanne, welcome! Tell us all about you! What would you most like your readers to know? My greatest accomplishment in life is really my two girls. One works for Word Made Flesh … Continue reading

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