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Modest Proposals?

Like a lot of people, I’ve spent an approximate total of thirteen months of my life daydreaming about that perfect marriage proposal. Sometimes the fantasy involves firelight and chocolate, while other scenarios feature a stage, hot spotlights, and the din of five … Continue reading

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A Story Fit for a Novel by Rebecca Heflin

As writers, we dream up stories, create characters, and in some cases, settings or whole worlds. We let our imagination play “what if” and spin out our tales for the pleasure of our readers, never expecting our life to become … Continue reading

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Fall into Fiction by Tina Susedik

Fall is in the air and with it comes the beautiful changing colors (in Wisconsin, anyway), cooler temperatures (yay), the woodsy scent of fireplaces gearing up for the season, and… the beginning of fall craft shows, book signings, and travel. … Continue reading

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Binge Reading

My idea of taking a camper trip or vacation is to get away from phones, TV, and computers. Unfortunately, being an author, that luxury is no longer an option for me. Of course, I go no-mail on all list servers … Continue reading

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The Legacy of Grandmothers

Grandmothers play a big role in my fiction. They are feisty, strong, wise women who always speak their mind. They always support the heroine and always tell her like it is. They’ve been women who epitomize the word character, in … Continue reading

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Ten Things I Do When I ‘Finish’ Writing

The writing process is a labour of love, but it’s labour all the same. Once I finish a novel, however, the real work begins. Over time, I’ve developed a few tricks that help polish my manuscripts which you may find … Continue reading

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Consciously Unskilled: Ferreting Out the “I Don’t Know What I Don’t Knows”

Recently I attended a Mindsets and Behaviors training course for my day job. A two day session, I found the topics absolutely fascinating. Discussions included personalities, our own and our peers’, interaction, and the concept of adult learning. Basically, it … Continue reading

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